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Your first 24 hours in Angeles City.

Before commencing the main dialogue I would like to make my premise for this article clear for all readers. Firstly this article is designed for so called “newbie’s” who have little if any experience in Angeles City. Secondly the advice I give in this article, is advice that has worked for me and is in no way the final comprehensive word on this subject and by no means applicable to everyone visiting Angeles City. Thirdly there are an infinite number of variables that come into play when first in Angeles City and no article can cover all of these. As a result I have once again fallen back on the experiences of myself and others whom I have observed in Angeles City and it is my sincere hope that relating these experiences will provide helpful information to others. Lastly, in this article I have assumed that the majority of readers will be male who visit Angeles City, for want of a better term, as ‘sex tourists’.

The first factor that influences visitors is the time of their arrival in Angeles City. Traditionally Angeles City is a nighttime town but the day time bar scene on Perimeter Road has over the last couple of years expanded rapidly to the point where there is now a more than adequate bar scene with numerous available Filipino bar girls from midday through to 8PM when the Angeles City nighttime scene takes over.

The very first thing I always recommend is to check into your hotel and change some money at the front desk. Angeles City hotel rates are normally a few points below the money changers but it is a safe environment to change money in and if you are that concerned with the extra points you can always change more money elsewhere later on in the piece when you are more comfortable and familiar with Angeles City. Normally people coming from overseas will have a barrage of seemingly contradictory feelings and emotions. Generally speaking you will be dead tired yet strangely excited, you will experience culture shock and be a little apprehensive yet at the same time you will be eager to get out on the street of Angeles City and see some of the places and people you have heard about.

What I normally recommend to “newbie’s” is to make your first stop your chosen Angeles City hotel. Mostly people will have pre-booked a hotel room and it is always a good idea to get here first. On your way to the hotel check out the Angeles City surroundings and try to see landmarks such as bars that you have heard about and recognize their proximity to your hotel once you arrive there. Check in to your hotel make sure you feel comfortable with the room unpack leaving your clothes in the cupboard and valuables in the room safe, then head for the shower. After the shower get changed into something clean and lightweight then look at your computer paying particular attention to the Asian Escapades Angeles City interactive map which will allow you to geographically plan your day or nights bar hopping activities. It has been my experience that a loose flexible plan will suffice as invariably your plans will change during your bar hop in Angeles City. Of course not everyone will have their own computer but most Angeles City hotels have computers available in the lobby and a cursory check of Asian Escapades before embarking on your first Angeles City bar hop never goes astray. In my opinion it is a mistake to rush at Angeles City like a bull in a china shop, take your time and develop a lose plan as this may well increase your enjoyment and save you potential problems.

For those of you that arrive in the daytime I would recommend starting your barhop at one end of Perimeter Road either at Lost in Asia or Cherry’s bar and work your way from there. These bars are at the far extremities of Perimeter Road with Cherry’s being just next to checkpoint and the end of Fields Avenue and LIA being the other end up towards Friendship Highway. Another must visit bar for all new comers in Honey Ko's and the Hang Out bar. This is very much in the center of Perimeter Road, it has been here in Angeles City for many years and it is the local watering hole of many in the know. From either one of these bars you can navigate the entire Perimeter road scene at your leisure.

One important thing is to find an easily recognizable landmark of Angeles City or a focal point. There are many distinctive places around Angeles City that you can use as a focal point but for me I have found the following the most handy. For Perimeter road I recommend you use Emotions bar. This is centrally located close to nearly all the hotels and most van, car, trike or jeepney drivers know where it is. Secondly it is a big building easily spotted from the road. Other handy and well known spots on Perimeter road include the ABC Hotel, The Lewis Grand Hotel and further up towards Friendship the Clarkton Hotel. All these places make excellent focal points on Perimeter road.

On Fields Avenue there are also several distinctive places that make excellent focal points. For me I have found Roadhouse and Sub Delicious to be conveniently located and nearly everybody knows where they are. Another well known establishment up towards checkpoint is Margarita Station. In days gone by Roadhouse was the center of Fields Avenue however with the rapid development of Fields Avenue in later years and the Barangays effort at encouraging the main section to become a sort of walking street, there is now almost two separate parts. On the Easton side of the barrier some good focal points are Dollhouse Bar, Kokomos and Blue Nile bar. All these establishments are very well known and easily recognizable. The best of these would be Kokomos as it is not so much a bar but a restaurant and meeting place and definitely the most centrally located. Another advantage of Kokomos is that it has a balcony sort of area where you can relax and just watch the goings on in Fields Avenue.

One major question that always pops up is which Angeles City bar should I visit first in Angeles City? The simple answer to that is there is no simple answer. Everybody is different and has different taste so in the end when it comes to choosing which bars to visit it’s a bit like the classic Filipina expression “it’s up to you”. In this article I will recommend several bars which I think are suitable for the first time visitor to Angeles City and I will explain why however these recommendations are purely from my own experience and whilst they worked for me they may not be suitable for others. They are meant merely as a guideline not as instructions. On Perimeter Road I would recommend the following bars Cherry’s, Stampede, Emotions, Eruptions Fire and Ice and LIA. In my opinion these bars represent a very good cross section of the Perimeter Road bar scene, all have plenty of girls, all have a realistic pricing policy all have knowledgeable and friendly managers/owners and all are well known by the majority of people residing in Angeles City.

For Fields Avenue I would recommend first stop Angelwitch or Roadhouse. These two Angeles City bars are situated next to each other and each have friendly girls, knowledgeable managers, a regular clientele who will point you in the right direction when asked, and neither of them are pushy on the ladies drinks or barfine. Other bars I would recommend are La Pasha which has lots of girls, a board active and friendly manager and is centrally located. Lollipop because this bar always has some wild bar girls and slightly cheaper pricing. Also it is a favorite amongst expats in the know. Golden Nile because this is a show bar with lots of girls and like it or not represents the changing face of Angeles city. Golden Nile at the time of writing also has an active board member, yours truly, as manager. I would also recommend Blue Nile as this bar is somewhat of an icon in Angeles City and no visit here is complete without viewing Blue Nile. For those of you who are more comfortable in the smaller bars I would recommend a visit to Champagne a stalwart of Angeles city bars and Bedrock. Champagne always has a good selection of bar girls and efficient service whereas bedrock has a great party atmosphere with wild and welcoming bar girls. By following my recommendations it is my hope visitors will get a broad perspective of the different types of bars in Angeles City. Of course there are many other bars available to visit but it is my hope that by visiting the bars I have recommended punters will experience a comprehensive cross section of the different types of Angeles City bars available on Fields Avenue.

Some other experiences that I have found work for me are as follows. Do not bar fine the first bar girl you meet or buy a drink for. There are numerous girls in Angeles City and no matter how anxious you are to get down to business or how tempting she may seem, do not rush, take your time and remember there are plenty of fish in this ocean. At the end of the day you may not find anyone better but the logic, one missed out on is one never gotten back, is not applicable in Angeles City. If you miss out on a girl one night chances are she will be available the next night and for me it is important to remember this. Over here sex is easy and not something to be rushed into.

Contrary to the advice above many people recommend you bar fine a bar girl early and take her bar hopping with you. The girl will show you around Angeles City helping you grasp the lay of the land, she can help you avoid potential troublesome situations, act as a tour guide and will inadvertently teach you the social mores of bar culture in Angeles City. During the course of the evening your “tour guide” will probably ask you which girl you like. In my experience I have found this to be a test and the perfect answer is “I like all girls honey but tonight I only like you”, or something along those lines.

Remember where you are and that the rules between men, and women working the bar, are different from your own country. If you see a bar girl you like do not be afraid to initiate eye contact, call her down off the stage or strike up a conversation over the purchasing of a ladies drink. Many guys come to Angeles City with the misconception that they cannot meet the girl because in their country the girl wouldn’t want to know them. Things are different here and nearly everyone is available to a greater or lesser extent.

Do not be afraid to buy a ladies drink, these are social icebreakers and I recommend you use them as such. Take your time get to know the girl and your experience will be a lot more rewarding. The bar girls all like ladies drinks because they earn commission and secondly it gives them a chance to get to know you. Whilst on the subject of ladies drinks I have always found it useful to buy the mamasan a drink as once these ladies are on your side many obstacles can be overcome and you will find your way around the Angeles City bar scene a lot more easily.

Even though the girls on the most part speak English they will not necessarily understand what you are saying. When communicating with Filipina bar girl remember to speak slowly and wherever possible only broach lighthearted subjects and maintain your smile. Depending where you come from, generally speaking, the Filipinas bar girl will have varying degrees of trouble understanding your accent.

Now here is a golden rule easily said but not so easily adhered to. Do not fall in love with the first girl you meet or the first girl you barfine. I know upon reading that many of you will snicker thinking hey I don't go the Philippines to fall in love, and whilst this might be true, you would be amazed at the number of people I see with just this attitude who still fall in love with their first girl. I am not saying falling in love is wrong just that you should take your time and not rush into things. Wearing your heart on your sleeve in this country is a recipe for disaster.

Another helpful piece of advice is to hook up with another guy barhopping specifically board members. Most guys can be contacted through the PM system on Asian Escapades and it is often a good idea to arrange a time and place to meet before even leaving your home country. Chances are your fellow board member will have at least some basic experience in Angeles City and he will most certainly have the same agenda as you in that he will be searching for his companion for the night.

Never be afraid to use your Asian Escapades discount card wherever it is accepted. A number of Angeles City bars and hotels happily issue the AE discount and doing this could save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Secondly the bars who participate in the discount program like to keep track of which board is sending them the most business and the discount cards are how they track this.

This article by no means covers all the things that may happen to you on your first night in Angeles City and certainly does not cover all the variables. Rather than try to cover all contingencies I have merely tried to give some advice which has proved helpful to me and many others I know.

At the end of the day Angeles City is the land of hedonism and sexual freedom and there are very few restrictions. As such it can be a bit daunting on your first trip but by following my recommendations it is my hope that as a “newbie” you will acclimatize to the scene more quickly thus increasing your enjoyment whilst avoiding any problems.

This article was written by mjibbo for exclusive use on Asian Escapades.

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