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Nice Bike Rentals

There has been a lot of interest in recent times regarding bike rides done by Asian Escapades members. As such we thought we would put together a review on Nice Bike (a hire company used many times by our members) whom we highly recommend. Many questions have been asked regarding the hiring of these bikes and in this article we will attempt to address these questions and show the stock currently available. Please note: due to the popularity of Nice Bike they have a very high demand for their bikes so it is almost impossible to show their entire range available for hire.

Nice Bike is a motorcycle rental store that has been operating for the last four years on Field Avenue. They are available to contact between 8am and 6pm though the actual store is only open between 9am-12noon then 3pm-6pm, every day of the week. Nice Bike offers a larger variety of Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki bikes ranging from larger trail and road bikes, down to small scooters and most in between. This variety in available bikes means there is always a bike to suit the needs and the price range of any customer.

To the best of my knowledge Nice Bikes is the only operation on Fields that offers the bigger bikes for hire purposes. These include a range of models and styles ranging from 400CC through to 650CC and to be perfectly honest if I was planning a longer sightseeing trip I would definitely go for a larger bike. Traversing the rural Philippine roads on a 125CC can be arduous, time consuming work.
Nice bike is run by a German, Roland Welte and his Pilipino girlfriend Maritess Alberca. Both are very knowledgeable about all aspects of the business and a great source of information not only for customers but also for anybody looking for recommendations on any aspects of motorcycles in general.

Nice Bike

Address: 490-C,Don Juico Avenue, Clarkview
Angeles City, Pamganga 2009, Philippines
Phone: 09184564957 / +63 918 4564957

Nice Bike’s current stock and prices are as follows:

Kawasaki Verys650
2500 Pesos per day
2000 Pesos per day / week
  Kawasaki ER6f 650
1500 Pesos per day
1300 Pesos per day / week
Honda Transalp
1400 Pesos per day
1200 Pesos per day / week
  Honda Steed
1100 Pesos per day
1000 Pesos per day / week
Honda Superfour
1000 Pesos per day
800 Pesos per day / week
  Honda CRF250L
1200 Pesos per day
1000 Pesos per day / week
Honda CBR150fi
800 Pesos per day
600 Pesos per day / week
  Honda XR 200
750 Pesos per day
600 Pesos per day / week
Yamaha Nouvo
350 Pesos per day
300 Pesos per day / week
  Kymco Super8
0 Pesos per day
300 Pesos per day / week
Suzuki Hayate Roller
350 Pesos per day
300 Pesos per day / week
  Honda Wave
300 Pesos per day
250 Pesos per day / week

In the future they hope to be able to expand their selection of bikes to allow for the renting of more street bikes though this may be some time off.

Included in the cost of rental are these additional accessories at no extra charge for you and your girl:

Helmets Wet weather coats
Basket Extra lock
Tools Maps
Tubes Tension Belt

In order to hire a bike you must have a valid license either an international license or a license written in English simply because if they can’t read it, they will not accept it. Additionally when renting one of their smaller bikes you must leave a 2000 peso deposit (refundable) and a photocopy of your passport, though if it is a larger more expensive bike you must leave the same deposit but they will request to hold your passport until you return the bike. Notably there is no limit to the distance which you may ride the bike and there is no mileage charge.

When renting a bike you have the option to pre-book either over the internet on their website or over the phone, just call 0918 456 4757. Alternatively you have the option of just going directly to the store and hiring a bike on the spot, but if you chose this option be aware that the popularity of certain bikes will vary throughout the year so without a pre-booking you are not guaranteed to get what you want. The most commonly hired bikes tend to be the smaller cheaper scooters therefore they tend to have a much larger stock of them available, thus increasing the likely hood of not requiring any pre-booking. However if you are looking to hire one of the 400cc Honda Steeds to go riding with the boys, I would defiantly recommend pre-booking.

It is important to note a few of your own responsibilities when renting any of the bikes. Firstly any damage sustained to the bike caused by you, intentionally or accidentally, will result in you the renter being charged for repair of the bike. Also if you have a accident you are still responsible for getting the bike back to the store no matter the condition of the bike. If the bike breaks down due to mechanical issues not caused by yourself, Nice Bike will take full responsibility in retrieving and repairing the bike at no cost to yourself. Another simple responsibility is when you rent the bike it will have a full tank of fuel and so when you return the bike it should also be full. Finally, though this has never happened in the four years Nice Bike has been renting out bikes if the bike is stolen you are fully responsible for paying for the bike.

Additionally at any point in time while you are renting the bike you can return it to the store for an hour or so while you go do something else (such as have a drink in one of the nearby bars) they will for no charge perform a number of services such as changing oil, tires etc or simply giving the bike a clean.

Nice Bike is an Asian Escapades friendly business and offers a 10% discount on all their rentals.

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