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A guide for understanding Angeles City and the Republic of the Philippines

Table of Content

  Survival Guide Index - Free
Overview Introduction and Forward - Free
Chapter 1 The Country - City - Area
Chapter 2 The People
Chapter 3 Preparing for Your Trip
Chapter 4 Your first 24 hours in Angeles City - Free
Chapter 5 Supporting Filipinas
Chapter 6 Bar Girl Speak
Chapter 7 Understanding Filipinas - Free
Chapter 8 So You Want to Buy a House and Lot...
Chapter 9 How to get a Successful Barfine
Chapter 10 Bars Off the Beaten Track
Chapter 11 Trikes - Getting Around AC
Chapter 12 When Your Little Friend Needs a Boost
Chapter 13 Where to Cool Off?
Chapter 14 How to get to and Around Subic
Chapter 15 Fiancée VISA for Your Filipina; Taking Her Home
Chapter 16 Average Cost of Living in the Phillipines
Chapter 17 Guide to Getting a Tourist or Fiancée VISA to Australia
Chapter 18 To Steady or Not to Steady Barfine...
Chapter 19 How to have a Successful Barhop
Chapter 20 Foreigner Vs Filipino Mentality
Chapter 21 The Authorites, Friend or Foe
Chapter 22 Steps and Legal Requirements to Become a Permanent Resident
Chapter 23 MythBusting: The Little Brown Line
Chapter 24 Where to Stay
Chapter 25 Fasts About Using a Cell Phone in the Philippines
Chapter 26 Social Hygiene (The Girls)
Chapter 27 Time For a Short Time
Chapter 28 Do’s and Don’ts in the Philippines
Chapter 29 Philippines Fiestas
Chapter 30 Filipino Street Food
Chapter 31 When is best to visit Angeles City
Chapter 32 From Golden Nile to Gobbles and Everything in Between.
Chapter 33 Medical Emergencies - Free
Chapter 34 A. Santos Street, The Blow Road story
Chapter 35 Loose Lips Sink Ships
Chapter 36 Cherry Girls
Chapter 37 Mamasans
Chapter 38 Recruitment
Chapter 39 Door Girls
Chapter 40 Sending Your Girl Money - Free
Chapter 41 The advantages of being an AE member
Chapter 42 List of Foreign Embassies
Chapter 43 Bell Ringing and Ball Throwing
Chapter 44 Three Ways To Enjoy Angeles - Free
Chapter 45 Double Ladies Drinks
Chapter 46 Where To Live! Subic or Angeles?
Chapter 47 How Does A Bar Make Money?
Chapter 48 Post Philippine Depression (PPD)
Chapter 49 The Bars Categorized
Chapter 50 Driving in the Philippines
Chapter 51 The Pitfalls of Owning a Bar in Angeles
Chapter 52 After The Permanent Bar-fine
Chapter 53 Different Bar Fine Methods
Chapter 54 All About Ladies Drinks
Chapter 55 Ten Common Mistakes
Chapter 56 The History of Angeles Bar Scene
Chapter 57 Ladyboy Love
Chapter 58 Educating Your Girl
Chapter 59 Superstitions and Philippine Folklore
Chapter 60 Nice Bike Rentals - Free
  Glossary of Terms (Acronyms)

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