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Welcome to the Asian Escapades facts sheet about the Angeles City Pampanga Philippines bar scene. The information for this sheet has been drawn from a number of different sources not the least of which is the vast library of observations and comments from Asian Escapades members. Asian Escapades already has a number of separate and in-depth articles on most of the subjects discussed here but this is the first time all the information has been correlated in one complete post and presented in concise form for everyone who is interested in Angeles City Philippines.

It is our sincere hope that the information presented here is helpful to all who may visit the bars of Angeles City Philippines and for those of you who are yet to visit we hope this article will entice you to do so, and discover why so many people have described Angeles City Philippines as their paradise on earth.

Chapter 1: Post Philippine Depression (PPD)

Traveling to Angeles City Philippines is always great fun. With the girls, the bars, the nightlife, the restaurants, the hotels, and the general sense of chaotic freedom. Angeles City Philippines is party town central. Best of all the mongering scene in Angeles City Philippines is totally unique, because the girls, even though working as prostitutes, really do develop genuine feelings and attachments to the foreign customers. This is often referred to as the Girl Friend Experience (GFE) and it is this together with the hedonistic, sense of freedom, that separates mongering in Angeles City Philippines from any other destination.

After visiting Angeles City Philippines people will often return to their own country and feel somehow depressed. They will miss Angeles City Philippines, the good times they had there and they will miss what Angeles City Philippines psychologically represents ie: sexual freedom and hedonism. This is referred to as Post Philippine Depression or (PPD).

PPD manifests itself in many ways, especially when comparing ones home country to Angeles City Philippines. The women, the social scene, your friendships and last but not least the general structure of society, all seem better in Angeles City Philippines than in your home country.

The good news is that when it comes to mongering Angeles City is just the tip of the iceberg. In Angeles City Philippines, the scene is more organized but it is still possible to pick up girls just about anywhere throughout the Philippines. Every major city has Go-Go bars and there are always girls in the local disco’s, malls, and online, who are eager to meet you.

The Philippines when it comes to the girls is totally unique, there is no place quite like it, and it can become addictive. When home you will miss the girls, your friends and the freedom. This is called Post Philippine Depression (PPD) and the only real cure for it is to plan your next trip to paradise, Angeles City Philippines.

Post Philippine Depression (PPD)

Chapter 2: Life in the Philippines

Before enjoying the attractions of Angeles City Philippines it is important to get a brief idea of the prevailing economic and social conditions that apply in the Philippines because these factors will always influence your trip.

The Philippines is a poor country with the average worker earning anywhere from 250 piso ($6) per day through to 500 ($12) a day. A worker in the Philippines earns approximately 8% of what someone in America would earn doing the same job. The population of the Philippines is 94 million and the majority of Filipinos only make enough money to pay for the basic necessities.

The Philippines is a developing country and compared to developed countries the infrastructure is poor to nonexistent. For example power outages are a fact of life, public transport such as trains and buses are rarely on time, always overcrowded and mostly in a dilapidated condition.

In public institutions such as banks, at the airport, supermarkets or any Government agency there is always long queues of people, the service will be haphazard and wherever possible there will be paperwork. General everyday items will normally work poorly and none of the locals see any need to fix it.

At times it will seem that everyone has their hand out asking for money, there are beggars on the streets and many homeless people. It is important to remember that the average Filipino has very little money and he sees you as being rich.

In the Philippines there is a huge disparity between the rich and poor which is evidenced by the burgeoning middle class. Be prepared to see brand new SUV’s cruising past homeless street kids begging with their hands out.

If you visit Angeles City Philippines be prepared to exercise patience, be aware that not everything works and what is a simple thing in your world becomes complicated and time consuming in the Philippines. Bring with you a sense of humor and when dealing with Filipinos, always remember to smile and remain calm.

That’s the bad news over with, now onto the good news.

Being a developing country where poverty exists in greater numbers than most means that your purchasing power in the Philippines is significantly increased compared to your own country. In your own country you may be working or middle class, but in Angeles City Philippines you are considered rich and your money goes a lot further.

The Philippines despite being a developing country with massive numbers of poor people also has a rapidly growing middle and upper class and this in turn has led to the development of first world venues such as supermarkets, malls, discos, hotels restaurants and nightclubs to cater for their and your needs.

In the Philippines Internet is surprisingly well spread with many places (especially in Angeles City Philippines) having WiFi access. The Philippines has two national languages Tagalog which is now called Filipino and English. Added to this the Philippines has been exposed to American culture for many years. Together these two factors mean less communication problems for tourists than in other Asian countries.

The Country - City - Area

Chapter 3: Fields & Perimeter Road

In many ways Angeles is similar to Pattaya Thailand especially since it is based primarily upon sex tourism. Just like in Pattaya the major center of attraction is the bars and Angeles City Philippines has the highest concentration of girlie bars in the world running second only to Pattaya. At the end of the day the similarities with Pattaya end with the bars. In Angeles City Philippines, unlike Pattaya, there is nothing much to do in the day time and most people just stay around their house or hotel room waiting until they are ready to go out bar hopping again.

The main street is named Field Avenue but everybody pronounces it Fields. There is a gate just past Phillies restaurant which marks the beginning of the section of Field Avenue named Walking Street. Walking Street extends virtually all the way down to MacArthur Highway. The bars are aligned along both sides of Walking Street and there is literally a mass of different sized bars and other commercial enterprises just like in Pattaya. It is estimated the bars along Field Avenue employ close to 4000 females in a variety of positions such as dancers and show girls through to waitresses cashiers and bar tenders. The bars vary in size with some employing as little as 20 dancers through to the huge bars such as Atlantis that employs girls in their hundreds.

At night Field Avenue is a plethora of neon lights, street hawkers, provocatively dressed door girls, vendors, trike drivers, shapely transvestites with incongruously deep voices, the aroma of street food, a cacophony of music, hotels, guest houses, street kids, beggars, money changers, restaurants and Barangay officials observing everything with cold knowing eyes.

Above the Walking Street is another section of Fields which has been named Upper Fields. This area is composed of another 30 or 40 bars all differing in size and numbers of females employed.. Running parallel to Field Avenue is Real Street which features more bars and two hotels. Real Street runs onto A. Santos Street colloquially known as “blow road”. On blow Road there are several bars where the girls specialize in oral sex and right besides these bars are apartment blocks and huge 4 star international hotels.

Field Avenue extends up to Check Point and represents the epicenter of the sex trade in Angeles. It is dirty, sleazy and superficial and at the same time tremendously exciting, stimulating, chaotic, disorganized and completely addictive. In some ways Field Avenue is the Filipino version of a Toulouse Lautrec painting come to life and once you have had a taste, it is forever in your blood.

Above checkpoint running all the way up to Friendship Highway is Don Juico Street also known as Perimeter Road. Perimeter Road is long and the buildings are less concentrated. Because of the available space, development along this road has tended to occur in clusters. The first cluster is slightly up from Check Point and includes several bars, restaurants and Angeles most expensive hotel the ABC. This is walking distance from Field Avenue and joins Upper Fields at Check Point. The next cluster is based around Bretos an iconic Angeles shop/deli/restaurant and just about everything else. This area includes a number of bars, small general merchandise stores and international standard restaurants. The next area of significance is around the Clarkton Hotel and includes at least ten restaurants about 10 bars and numerous other types of businesses. Perimeter Road extends all the way up to Friendship Highway which has now become little Korea.

From Golden Nile to Gobbles and Everything in Between

Chapter 4: Traveling to Angeles

As of the time of writing NAIA the airport in Manila is the main arrival point for international travelers visiting the Philippines. Arriving at Manila is the first step but then you have to make it up to AC which is a separate challenge in itself.

There are basically five main ways of traveling to Angeles the first of which is to travel via a pre arranged travel service. There are several services available but the best one I have found is that of Margarita Station The cost for this service ranges from 2600 through to 3200 and they have cars through to vans which seat up to 6 people with luggage comfortably.

Hotel pickup. Most of the bigger hotels will have their own pick up service which can be arranged over the net or the phone prior to leaving ones own country. The hotel services are reliable but will only drop you at the hotel they are associated with and they are usually slightly more expensive than the Margarita Station service.

The third way is to get an airport taxi. There are taxi booths outside each terminal but if it is your first visit you may be better off asking directions to the booths from the information counter or ask a security guard at the terminal exit. The taxi’s are cheaper than the organized vans and hotel services but not significantly so and they are haphazard, unreliable and you will have to negotiate a rate. The taxi’s normally cost round about 2000 piso but can be had for less depending upon the driver and your negotiating skills. If you are inexperienced in the Philippines I would not recommend taking the taxi.

Organized shuttle buses. There are two main shuttle services which will pick you up at the airport and deliver you to Angeles and these are the Fly the bus service which is associated with the Swagman hotel and the Southern Cross Shuttle which departs from the Southern Cross Hotel. Both these hotels are in an area called Ermita in Manila. For Fly the bus the contact details are Phone: +6325238541 to 45 or email Fly the bus has three departure times per day. 11.30AM 3:30PM and 830PM. The bus costs 650 Piso one way.

The Southern Cross service leaves from the Southern Cross hotel once a day at 3:30PM and costs 600 piso one way. These services are reliable and can be booked prior to arriving however their major disadvantage is that they don’t pick you up at the airport so this means you have to travel to Ermita from the airport and then will have to adjust your schedule around their’s as you wait for the bus to leave. The best way to get to either hotel is by airport taxi. When using these insist that the driver turns on the meter although most will resist this and will try to charge you a set amount up font.

The last option is to catch public transport up to Angeles. Step 1 is to catch a taxi from the airport to Pasay where the major bus companies have their terminals. When catching a taxi insist that the driver puts on the meter. The fare should not be more than 150 piso.

The main two bus companies that run up to Angeles are Five Star and Victory Liner. Once you get to either ones terminal in Pasay look for any bus that is marked as going to Baguio or Dau. The ones going through to Baguio all stop at Dau which is only a short 7 minute trike ride from Field Avenue. Traveling by bus can be a fun experience and it is significantly cheaper than other options however there are also a number of negative points as well. For example the taxi drivers will take you as a tourist and will try to charge you exorbitant amounts for a short journey and you may well have to sit in the crowded and smog filled terminal while waiting for the right bus. The buses themselves are quite well marked and seem to run well in fact they are faster than a lot of cars traveling the same route however they are crowded and all run at their own schedule, not yours. Expect to sit around in the bus at the terminal until the bus has the required amount of passengers for it to leave, they do not seem to run to any timetable.

Chapter 5: Some useful hints

Here are some basic logistical facts that should be taken into consideration.

Weather and clothing:
The weather is nearly always hot throughout the entire year in Angeles City Philippines. This is a tropical country with two distinct seasons the dry hot season and the rainy season. The dry hot season extends from January through to June and the rainy season extends from July through to the end of October. November December are normally hot months with a very pleasant mixture of rain and sun. In Angeles during December it can actually get a little chilly at nighttime but not so in Manila, There it is always hot night and day.

As far as dress code your clothing for comforts sake should be casual and preferably light cotton items. The overall emphasis is on casual but clean. Sandals and sneakers through to boots are fine. Shorts are also acceptable but light jeans or trousers perhaps a better option. T shirts are fine but light cotton colored shirts are even better. Do not dress like a bum as the Filipinas will judge you by your appearance.

I find it a good idea to have about 3000 piso on me before I get on the plane. This will be enough to get you where you want to when you land and saves you from having to change money at the airport. There are money changers at the airport but the rate is always lousy and half the time they are not even open. Having a little money on you makes traveling to Angeles City Philippines so much easier. Once in Angeles there are plenty of ATM’s and money changers.

As a rough guide I usually budget for approximately $100 a day minimum. Normally once the exuberance of being in the worlds best party town hits you be prepared to spend up to 3 hundred dollars a day.

When changing money always use a money changer that you can walk into and close the door behind you. Keep an eye out for street kids, pickpockets and other shady individuals. Normally they are not too bad because it’s in the money changers best interest to keep them away, having said that remember where you are and always maintain an awareness of your immediate environment. When changing money make sure the notes are in good condition without tears. They are hesitant to change old or damaged notes. Travelers checks although safer are actually a nuisance and are quite difficult to change in Angeles City Philippines.

The majority of establishments take credit cards but as a general rule I find it best to minimize the use of the credit card because it has been known for establishments to operate credit card scams and many establishments will pass on the surcharge they receive from the credit card companies to you the customer. In the Philippines this can range anywhere from 3 to 6%.

When back in your room with a girl always remember to keep your money locked away. On the whole the girls are honest and will not steal but there will always be an exception to the rule and the temptation will always be there as well. Remember the majority of these people have very little and they see you as rich and a source of money.

When traveling around Angeles do not be shy of to use the local jeepneys. They run the length of Perimeter Road and will generally cost ten piso. The jeepneys are slow and continually stopping but they nearly always get there in the end. Watch out for pick pockets with knives and razor blades on the jeepneys they will slash your pockets and have your wallet without you even realizing what has happened.

When using a trike always negotiate with the driver the amount of the fare before getting inside the trike. If the fare is unreasonable simply walk on until the next trike tries for your business.

Remember to use common sense. As a general rule try to avoid the less populated areas after 8pm. The incidents of violence are relatively small in number but they do happen like everywhere else in the world. They can be avoided by simply exercising common sense.

Do not get involved in card games with Filipinos. You will not win and it can be very dangerous. There is a gang of card sharks who approach unknowing tourists. Their opening line is normally something like hi do you remember me I am the driver or I am the doorman at such and such a hotel.

When getting back to your hotel at night try to avoid walking if the hotel is any distance. Catch a trike but negotiate the cost first. Better still prior to leaving the hotel find out if it has a pickup service or a shuttle service. If so find out the number of the service and arrange for them to pick you up at a certain place and time.

When in Angeles City Philippines always remember try to be nice. Smile as much as you can and be quick to have a laugh with the locals. Always try to avoid confrontations with the locals no matter how exasperating their behavior. Remember this is not your country and should a problem occur you will be severely outnumbered.

Your first 24 hours in Angeles City

Chapter 6: Hotels

There is a whole range of hotels in Angeles City Philippines from the genuine 4 star hotels through to the dingy dives that are hard pressed to warrant even 2 stars. At the top of the range you have hotels like the ABC, Lewis Grand and Wild Orchid where the prices range from $1000 a night through to $100 a night. Then there is what I call the midrange hotels which range from $75 a night through to $45 a night. Then there is the dingy dives that can be gotten for as low as $15 a night.

Most of the bigger hotels will require your reservation to be made via credit card prior to arrival. Fill out the hotels on-line form or utilize email. The hotel will normally respond within 24 hours. Once you get a confirmation I have found it a good idea to phone the hotel to confirm 48 hours before landing.

One key factor influencing the choice of hotel is location. There are a number of hotels which are either on Fields or very close to it. Generally speaking I find these hotels to be the most handy and the extra amount you pay you will easily make up for in traveling costs and convenience.

All hotels are girl friendly simply because they realize the girls are the reason the majority of customers are staying in Angeles in the first place.

There is an entire range of hotels many of which we have reviewed here on Asian Escapades below is a list of some of the better known hotels and their prices. The list is organized according to the hotels location.

Some other factors which should be taken into consideration when deciding upon a hotel apart from price and location.

Does the hotel have WiFi in all the rooms? Is there an in room safe? Does the hotel accept credit cards. The majority of hotels will but never assume it.

Does the hotel have a generator? There are numerous power outages in Angeles City Philippines.

Are the rooms quiet and adequately sound proofed. Many hotels can be in a populated area and noise can be a problem.

Does the hotel have a swimming pool? Even if you don’t use the pool it is nice to have it there.

Does the hotel have a decent restaurant and efficient room service?

Does the hotel offer airport pickup and drop off and if so how much is it.

Does the hotel have an internal laundry service?

Does the hotel have an in-house money changer?

What are the beds like and will they supply extra pillows if needed? Always try for a hotel that has at least a double bed and make sure the mattress is a proper spring one not just a slab of foam.

What are the air-conditioners like? As a general rule I always try for a hotel where the rooms have efficient split type air-conditioners rather than the hole in the wall box type.

How big are the rooms and what are the curtains like. In Angeles City Philippines it seems like most of the activity is nocturnal and the day time is meant for sleeping as such it is important the room has heavy drapes which minimize the sunlight into the room.

Does the hotel have an in-house travel agency? Angeles City Philippines is great fun but to be honest the urge to travel and see other places in the Philippines is only natural and it is always handy if the travel arrangements can be made without leaving your hotel.

There are probably many more factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing your hotel and these will vary from individual to individual. What I have tried to do here is cover the main factors as I see them and hope that this will be off some help to people visiting Angeles City Philippines.

Where to Stay

Chapter 7: The bar scene

Perhaps the best way to start this chapter is to assume readers are new to Angeles. If you already know this information then feel free to skip this chapter. When referring to Angeles City Philippines from now on we will only be referring to the bar district known as Balibago which is Fields Avenue and the Perimeter Road area which stretches all the way from checkpoint through to Friendship Highway.

We have already discussed landing at Manila so now we move onto landing at Clark. The international airport in Angeles is called Diosdado Macapagal Airport and is on Clark Airbase. It is a very basic airport where people still have to walk up and down steps when embarking and disembarking. Getting through immigration and customs is comparatively easy and outside the main terminal there are a number of taxis and vans that will take you to your hotel. The taxis and/or vans will charge you 300 piso which is a rip off for a 10 minute journey but they have you at their mercy so there’s not much you can do. Most taxis will deliver you to your hotel or anywhere you want to go in the bar district.

To avoid having to use the airport transportation simply arrange for your hotel to pick you up. Most of the bigger hotels have an airport pickup service. Just give your hotel advanced notice of your arrival details, tell them you want to be picked up and they will do the rest. Be aware that most hotels will also charge you for this service.


To be honest there is not that much activity in the Fields Avenue area during the day. There are a couple of bars open 24/7 and these are Voodoo and DollHouse. Other bars open in the daytime along Fields include Geckos, Lollipop, Dirty Duck, La Bamba and Welcome Inn. Mostly these bars cater towards the local market and long term tourists but that does not mean that newcomers are not welcome. Normally the prices will be cheaper in the daytime with happy hour in effect. During happy hour most of the bars charge 50 to 60 peso for a local drink. Most of the daytime bars open at somewhere between 12 noon to 3pm.

During the daytime commencing at 12 noon there are numerous bars open along Perimeter Road, in fact Perimeter Road specializes in the daytime market and there are at least thirty bars all open in the daytime along the length of Perimeter Road.


At nighttime Fields avenue literally becomes a plethora of sound colors and smells. Perimeter Road bars by 8 PM are in my experience mostly fished out and the scene moves on to Upper Fields Avenue than as the night progresses the heart of the action slowly moves down Fields heading towards McDonalds and McArthur Highway.

At night the local drinks range from anywhere between 90 piso to 125 piso depending on which bar you frequent. Imported drinks will range from 150 through to 300 again depending on which bar you are in and what is the drink you order. Hennessey XO for example can go for up to 400 a shot whereas Absolute Vodka can go for as low as 150 piso.

At night on Fields you will find people roaming around seemingly aimlessly dedicated mongerers who walk briskly in and out the bars looking for the nights conquest, groups of drunken tourists formed from a multitude of nationalities, shy sex tourists who blend into the shadows because they don’t want to be noticed, Filipino vendors trying to sell you anything from a single cigarette and fake Viagra through to a giant sized dildo, homeless people street kids in raggedy clothes holding their hands out hoping for a donation from a gullible foreigner, under age freelancers and of course the suspect females with disturbingly deep voices and prominent adams apple. Of course being a bar district there are always girls present. Here you will find provocatively dressed door girls who have an amazing capacity to remember your name and give you a hard time every time they see you walking down the street with another girl through to college girls having a night out, girls post and pre barfine, girls on their day off looking to make a few extra bucks by freelancing, and men who dress as girls.

The vast majority of bars have neon lights and these mix with the speakers blaring music out onto the street, people talking shouting and of traffic as the scooters which shouldn’t be on Walking Street continually buzz up and down narrowly missing the pedestrians. Fields avenue at night is an assault on the senses. It is an exotic mix of semi organized chaos along with sheer bedlam and a terrific sexually charged atmosphere that for the male mongerer is the epitome of sexual heaven.

There are over 200 hundred bars of varying sizes along the main strip of Fields Avenue and over 2000 girls. There are girlie bars of all shapes and sizes each offering a bevy of beautiful brown skinned girls waiting to meet you and suck your wallet. The girls outside the bar have the job of enticing you inside and they will do this by calling out your name, doing a little dance, flirting provocatively and even grabbing your arm trying to pull you in.

There is never a cover charge to enter the bar but once you sit down it is expected that you will buy a drink. The bars all have pretty similar designs with the girls dancing on a stage all trying to make eye contact with you the customer. Girls will approach you sometimes and at other times you will be left to call one down from the stage. Once talking to a girl expect to be asked by a waitress if you would like to buy the girl a ladies drink. Ladies drinks range from anywhere between 100 piso through to 300 piso depending on the time, the bar you are visiting and what the girl orders.

Three Ways To Enjoy Angeles

Chapter 8: Some items you will need

To be comfortable in Angeles and before hitting the bars you will need to buy some basic items.

Like it or not these days a phone is an essential element in the mongerers arsenal. You can bring an unlocked mobile phone or you can purchase a phone in Angeles. There are stores all along Fields which seel phones but the main ones are outside Margarita Station. The phones range from as low as 1200 piso all the way up to 40 thousand for the latest and greatest models. SIM cards are also easy to buy and can be found nearly everywhere in Angeles. The SIM cards come for as low as 40 piso up to 300 piso. The three main services are Smart which is the one most of the girls use Globe and Sun. Of these Smart has the widest coverage and the most subscribers. Most of the services will give you a certain amount of Free texts time and even some free call time. The Philippines charges quite a high amount for airtime so as a result the majority text rather than call in fact the Philippines has the highest amount of texts in the world.

There are also a number of items which it comes in handy to buy. Many of the hotels will supply these items but it will be at a high markup. These items include Mouthwash, Condoms, Breath Freshner, Shampoo, Toothpaste Feminine hygiene products like Lactacyd a decent after shave or body spray and last but not least learn the location of the local Jollibee or MacDonalds and their contact numbers to arrange delivery.

Lastly it never hurts to bring some small gifts. Most of the girls love chocolates and or cheap perfume or scents.

Preparing for Your Trip

Chapter 9: Inside the bars

The bars are exciting and at the same time for some intimidating. Most people when entering a bar for the first time feel like a kid in a candy store. The array of tantalizing beautiful young women that are all available for rent for sex is just mind boggling. It takes a man of extremely strong will power not to be impressed with this. The atmosphere is also added to by copious amounts of alcohol and numerous people just being in party mode.

The bars will normally have anywhere from 20 to 200 girls and the girls will nearly always outnumber the male patrons. Some bars have different shifts one for the daytime and another for the night while others just have one 9 hour shift.

Some bars will have specialized show groups whilst others have just two groups of dancers. Normally the show girls and different categories of girls means an tiered barfine system but more on that later.

Usually the bars will have an elevated stage at the front of the bar or running down the center of the bar. The customer seating includes stools/chairs at the front and around the stage tables and chairs which are close to the stage but far enough away to give the customer a view of the entire stage and thirdly a couch area in the back area which is dimly lit and allows customers more private moments with the girl of their choice.
It is important to remember the bars are a business and the girls inside although they may sweet and uncomplicated are there for one primary reason to earn money. The girls earn their money by 5 different means.
1: Salary normal dancer salary is anywhere from 180 through to 300 a day. Specialized show girls may get more even up to 1000 piso a day.
2: Commission from ladies drinks. Ladies drinks are the drinks you as a customer buy them and the bar pays a commission to the girl per ladies drink bought for her.
3: By being bar-fines or EWR’d as some call it. In Angeles the girl will get half the bar fine money from the bar in the form of commission.
4: By receiving a tip from her customer.
5: Commission of things like bell rings ping pong balls or in the case of the DollHouse group money tied to the balloons. Ringing the bell will cost you a set amount and normally involves buying all the dancers a drink. Some bars have different types of bell rings where you can ring the bell for a certain section only for example you can ring the bell for dancers on stage only or for waitresses only. These will normally be cheaper than the full priced bell ring where all the girls receive a drink and commission. Some bars replace the bell with air horns or gongs.

Some bars have ping pong balls and the girls get a commission on every ball they collect. The buckets of ping-pong balls vary in price from 300 to 2000 for the large balls which are normally contained in a net above the stage and are released by pulling a rope.

The most important aspect of the bars in Angeles City is the barfine. In recent times the bar fine has undergone various changes because of pressure from authorities equating it with prostitution and human trafficking. These days the bar fine can be referred to as a bar fine or an EWR (Early Work Release) and even a Party Animal which is basically a bottle of drink. In my opinion it is important to note the difference because the bar fine represented an implicit understanding between the customer and the bar and the girl that this was money being paid for sexual services unless otherwise stated. In the case of the EWR the emphasis is on paying to compensate the bar for lost earnings because the girl has stopped working early. The Party Animal is a bottle filled with liquid and a label saying party animal. The implication here is that you have bought a bottle of liquid and the girl just comes along to with the bottle. Here you have not bought the girls services or even her time but rather a bottle of colored liquid. Again the implication is not purchasing sexual services. The problem with the EWR and the Party Animal is that they take away the emphasis of payment for sex. Obviously the bars feel this is a necessary safety precaution and the effect it will have on the Angeles bar scene is something only time will tell.

The barfine prices differ from bar to bar. They used to be more uniform across the board but now there are even different category of bar fine prices within one solitary bar. Also it is important to note that the bar fines in Perimeter Road bars are usually cheaper than their Fields Avenue counterparts. In the Perimeter Road bars the bar fines are usually one price and they range from 1000 up 1500 depending on which bar you bar fine from. Some Perimeter Road bars have a bar fine for 700 piso but this is only for a short time which means a maximum of 3 hours. The Fields Avenue bars do not have short time rates and the bar fines range any from 1250 through to 4 thousand. A lot of bars have specialized dance groups for which the bar fines are a different price. For example the DollHouse group has two categories of Bar Fine which are designated by a colored tag. The girls wearing the white tag are bar fineable at 1800 piso whereas the girls wearing the green tags are bar fineable at 3000 piso. Other bars have different categories designated by the girls title. For example some bars will have a specialized dance group or a modeling group or pole dancers whose bar fines are higher. Normally the bar fines for these groups range anywhere from 2800 piso through to 4000 in the case of Golden Nile Daddy’s girls.

With many bars playing it safe and taking the emphasis of the bar fine away from sex I find it helpful to negotiate with the girl making sure each others expectations are clearly understood by both parties prior to paying the bar fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling the girl what you expect prior to paying the bar fine and in fact I would encourage people to do exactly that.

There are several types of girls working the bars.
1: The door girls. It is their job to induce customers inside the bar and to get ladies drinks and bar-fines once they have done that.
2: Waitresses. Ostensibly their job is to serve your drinks, provide light chit chat get a ladies drink if they can, go bar fine with you or point out possible girls that you might fancy.
3: Their job is to be displayed on stage their job is to dance and attract the customers. Their job is also to get ladies drinks and to go bar fine with the customers.
4: Show girls, models, pole dancers, T/Back dancers etc. Basically these are glorified dancers but they are used so the bar can charge more for the bar fine. These girls duties include entertaining the customer with their shows getting ladies drinks and getting bar fines. Often the pressure is on them to get more bar fines and ladies drinks because they are paid a higher salary than normal dancers.
5: Last but not least the bar staff . There job is to obviously to maintain the wet bar but often they can get ladies drinks and go bar fine.

Cherry Girls

Chapter 10: The Barfine

The bar fine procedure is pretty much similar from bar to barand it goes as follows.
Step 1: Find a place to sit in the bar
Step 2: Order a drink
Step 3: Peruse the stage while drinking your drink.
Step4: If you see a girl you like make eye contact with her, motion for her to come join you or ask a waitress to bring the girl to you or ask for a mamasan to bring the girl to you.
Step 5: Girl joins you at the table
Step 6: Order the girl a drink
Step 7: Talk with the girl ask her questions about herself and answer her questions about you. Idle chit chat is the go here.
Step 8: If there is no chemistry between you ask her to finish the drink and return to the stage
Step 9: If you are interested ask her would she like to go barfine with you but first I would advice discussing with her what your expectations are. For example specify to her if you want to use a condom or not ask her does she like oral sex is it long time will she stay all night or a short time.
Step 10: Mostly the girls will tell you what she will do and what she won’t but she will not do this unprompted and you will have to open the discussion with her not the opposite way round.
Step 11: If agreement is reached ask for the mamasan tell her you want to pay the barfine
Step 12: The girl will leave you to go and get changed
Step 13: The girl returns and you exit the bar together or arrange to meet her someplace at a certain time.
Step 14: If no girl interests you simply pay your bill and move oonto the next bar.

When in a bar it is important to look at not only the dancers but the waitresses as well. There are some very attractive waitresses they normally have better English and they often enjoy sex more than the dancers.

It is also important to remember that the girls are never forced to accept your offer of a barfine. At the end of the day the girl always has a choice of whether to say yes or no. There is no such thing as forcing the girls to with the customer in the Angeles bars.

There are a number of reasons a girl may decline your bar fine and if this happens it is important to not take this rejection personally. Just move onto the next girl you find attractive. In Angeles there is no shortage of attractive women the vast majority of which are eagerly waiting to meet you.

Some men take a girls declining the bar-fine as a personal insult but it is actually this freedom of choice on the girls behalf that adds an extra dimension. The fact that nobody is getting forced or coerced to have sex actually adds a civil dimension to the entire process. Generally speaking the girls working the bar will need the money that the bar fine represents so they will be more than willing to accept your bar fine proposal. Add to this the fact that most Filipinas are genuinely horny and enjoy sex.

Under age girls are a big problem for everyone concerned. In the mainstream bars underage girls are a rarity however some may slip through the various checking procedures. Often the hotel staff will ask for a girls ID if this happens do not be offended as they are doing this for your safety as well as the hotels.

When in the hotel room the fun begins. In my experience the vast majority of Filipinas genuinely enjoy having and this is exactly what we as men came here for. Many will try to renegotiate the terms of the bar fine telling you they cannot stay all night or they don’t do oral sex or maybe a dozen other excuses. If you are no longer interested in the girl take her back to the bar without having sex and some of the bars will refund your money or at least swap the bar fine to another girl. If you have sex with the girl then the bars will not refund the bar fine money under any circumstances. When a girls leave early normally after sex has been conducted and she had agreed to stay all night, this is referred to as a ‘runner’.

When having sex with a Filipina remember they are significantly smaller than you and in general do not enjoy aggressive or strong sex. This is not about giving the girl a good pounding unless you have already established in the bar that this is what you expect but rather it is about both girl and customer having a good time. I have always found if the girl enjoys the sex act you will enjoy it even more. Once you have established a good connection with the girl do not be afraid to eat pussy. Remember the girls enjoy oral sex as much as you do.

Always remember once you have had sex with the girl always give her a tip. Obviously if she does a runner the tip will be minimal say 100 piso. Do not feel guilty about the small amount since she gets half the bar fine as commission from the bar. If the girl honors the terms of the bar fine as agreed in the bar I will normally give a 1000 piso tip. These days 1000 seems to be a standard tip for girls who conform with expectations.

How to get a Successful Barfine

Chapter 11: Bar Etiquette

Believe it or not in the town based on sex for money your bar etiquette is very important. So important, that it influences the sex for money equation. Always remember the girls are never forced to go with you and they will always have the final choice. One way of increasing the chances of her deciding in your favor is to learn and exercise the correct bar etiquette.

Here are some basic bar etiquette tips.
1: Always smile and appear happy. The Filipinas like most of us are guilty of judging a book by it’s cover therefore your exterior appearance matters. Most operate on a superficial level and tend to avoid seriousness. They are naturally attracted to happy people rather than sad depressed people.

2: As stated previously do not dress like a bum and do not dress like an ostentatious millionaire. Relaxed casual is fine.

3: Make sure your nails are clean and you are not suffering from halitosis (bad breath).

4: Never be afraid to make eye contact with a girl but not overpoweringly where you stare her down. Just smile and make eye contact expressing your interest.

5: Don’t be aggressive, macho or bullying most of this behavior doesn’t attract the girls.

6: If you call a girl down always buy her a drink and it doesn’t hurt to buy your waitress one as well.

7: Get to know the mamasan, she can prove to be a very handy friend.

8: Talk to the girl you call down in a relaxed easy manner. Show her you are interested but not to the point of desperation. The Filipina will expect you to appear a little aloof simply because you are this weird creature called male.

9: Do not be stingy buy the girl you are interested in 2 or maybe 3 drinks show her you have money and will spend it but not foolishly.

10: Don’t spend to much time sitting by yourself in the bar. Remember the girls are judging you just as you judge them. The girls like to see you being friendly and talking to people not just sitting there on your lonesome.

11: Feel free to ask the girls questions but do it in a lighthearted way so as not to put them on the spot.

12: When discussing your sexual expectations do not be to graphic or literal. These girls are not impressed by the crude macho bravado approach. Must better to allude to what you want nicely with a smile on your dial.

13: Learn a little about Filipino culture and what interests the girls. For example ask them where they are from and how many children in their family, what’s it like in their province, how she came to work in the bar, what are her likes and dislikes etc. Showing a little interest in them goes a long way in Angeles City Philippines.

14: Remember the girl is not obligated to go with you. If you have bought her one or two drinks and then pop the barfine question and she still declines your offer, simply accept it and do not try to force the issue.

15: Do not get paralytic drunk. The girls do not find this attractive and usually equate it with trouble or inconvenience at the very least.

16: Always bar fine a girl whom you have established some rapport with and do not bar fine a girl whom you have no rapport with. If she is not interested in you in the bar then its not going to get any better once outside or in the bedroom.

17: Establish the fact that it’s your money therefore you are the boss but do it nicely. Never threaten or use force on these girls.

18: If a girl is sitting with someone else then leave her alone. Remember in Angeles you never lose your girlfriend you only lose your turn.

19: Always leave a tip. Some people say leave a 10% tip but for me usually 20 piso is fine for a tip which saves you having to do the math.

20: Just as you control your own alcohol consumption you should also monitor hers. The vast majority of Filipinas are light framed and cannot handle alcohol.

21: When talking about sex avoid discussing how big your penis is or how energetically you can fuck. The Filipina bar girls are not turned on by over endowed men and most are not into grinding and pounding. They prefer a more romantic yet assertive approach. Remember most Filipinas are in denial and do not want to face the fact they are working as a prostitute. For them they tend to romanticize the act of sex and will enjoy themselves more if to a small extent you do the same.

How to have a Successful Barhop

Chapter 12: The Filipina Profiled

Here is a basic profile of the Filipina. Many may say so what I don’t need this to get laid and you would be right but then again I have always found it makes things easier if I have a little comprehension of your environment and the type of people you are dealing with.

The average Filipina compared to most Western women is small in stature and a much smaller body frame. Their skin is brown and at first glance they all seem very similar but in actual fact there a number of different looks depending of course on the influences on their blood line.

In the Philippines they have several distinct looks which I have categorized as follows.
1: Jungle bunnies Flat nose, dark brown skin, big hardened feet slightly curly hair.
2: Negroid. Very dark skin, slightly curly hair, flat noses, prominent behinds.
3: Chinese look Lighter yellow skin, small body frame, straight black hair.
4: The Spanish look copper brown skin, straight dark brown hair, slightly taller with bigger body frames and longer noses.
5: The Mestisa. Here the foreign blood is more noticeable, lighter skin, longer noses, heavier boned than the usual Filipina and lighter colored hair.

If you are into tall women then the Philippines is not the best place for you. The girls are on average 5 foot 2 to five foot 3, they have brown skin varying from a light copper brown through to an almost black color. In my opinion the Filipina body is not as hard and taught as that of other Asian girls and this has a lot to do with genetics plus a changing diet. In other Asian countries the Chinese look is predominant but not so in the Philippines. In the Philippines the look is almost a mixture between Malay, Chinese and Spanish. The Filipina look is, different, exotic and unique.

The Filipinas are mostly Catholic and as such condom use is not enforced. For example the girls who do blow jobs hardly ever worry about a condom and a lot of them will have full sex without making the man wear a condom.

Many men have a desired body type and the good thing about Angeles City Philippines is that there are so many girls with so many different shapes and sizes that all it takes is perseverance and one can usually find ones desired body type.

The Filipina attitude is something that sets them apart from sex workers in other areas of Asia. The Filipinas do not consider themselves prostitutes but rather as providers of companionship. The Filipina will certainly have sex for money and the bottom line will always be the money but this bottom line is covered over with a veneer of friendship, sweetness, devotion, and even love. In the Philippines the bar girls can actually give you what is referred to as the GFE, Girl Friend Experience. It is important to remember this veneer is very important to the girls. This is their way of being in denial and not having to face the reality of what they are doing to make money.

There are several theories as to why the Girl Friend experience is part of the Filipina psyche. Firstly in their culture the Filipinas are naturally caring people. There are numerous Filipinas employed as caregivers, nurses and minders. Secondly religion plays an important part and by viewing themselves as companions or girl friends, this helps them reconcile the incongruity of their beliefs and their actions. Thirdly the Filipinas are renowned for their emotions. In their culture love is promoted and perpetuated like no other culture. Romance is alive and well in the Philippines. Fourthly, I think it is important to realize that a lot of Filipinas do not like Filipino men. They see them as having hurt them once before so they are weary. They see the average Filipino guy as being lazy and good for nothing but a foreigner they see as a worthwhile catch. Lastly Filipinas speak English which gives them a natural advantage over other Asian women.

Money of course is important but in the Philippines it should never be the primary reason. If you are tipping the girl after sex do it in a nice way. Rather than blatantly say this is your money for sexual services rendered simply tell her this is some money for your family or here’s some money for your trike or here’s some money for you to buy a new dress etc, etc.

Many Filipinas will see the foreigner as a way out of their current circumstances. They believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and you are that pot. As a foreigner you represent a chance for her to move to another country, you represent a rosier future and all this comes if they can get you involved in a relationship.

Most Filipinas are innately shy but they will open up if you spend some time are friendly show some of yourself with them and most importantly you can relate to their child like sense of humor.

It is important to remember not to treat your girl as a prostitute. Treat her as a friend, as a lover, as a dancer, as a lady or whatever but do not put the fact that she is a prostitute in her face. She is well aware of her position and deals with it by being in denial and focusing on emotion rather than sex for money. The better you treat the bar girls the more likely you are to have the Girl Friend Experience.

Understanding Filipinas

Chapter 13: Blow Road

Running off Fields Avenue in between Rhapsody and Kokomos is A.Santos street also known as blow road. Blow Road as the name suggests is primarily a side street where there are a number of smaller bars that specialize in providing blow jobs. The girls will also provide full sex and this is often in a little room out the back of the premises. This street has been there since the 1960’s and always has specialized in little bars where the girls specialize in oral sex.

The blow road bars epitomize the back to basics approach. Normally they are open air bars which employ up to twenty girls who sit around and wait for customers to walk by. Most of the times the working girls will act as door girls and they will openly try to entice you inside the bar by calling out to you or actually stopping you as you walk by and pulling your arm to come inside the bar.

Being no frills approach type bars they are normally open air bars with overhead fans to keep things cool, a single refrigerator, a basic sound system a few tables scattered around, a filthy unisex CR and some seedy short time rooms out back. There is no stage, no lighting show, no paid dancers, no girls in bikinis choosing instead to wear provocative street clothes and all the girls can be seen prior to entering the bar. One interesting point about Blow Road bars is that there is no division of labor. One girl will know how to do ten jobs, everything from pouring drinks through to blowing guys in the back room. The girls inside these bars tend to represent the extremes of the bar business. There is a large number of older sleazy girls who have been through the traps and exist from blow job to blow job. These girls may not be the most attractive but they sure are talented at oral sex. At the other extreme end of the pole are the young girls fresh from the province (normally Samar or Leyte) who are delightfully innocent but at the same time are on a short blow job learning curve.

The blow job rooms at the back are classic old school Angeles. They are normally composed of a single overhead light, a thin plywood door, a chest of drawers, a ratty single bed with a thin foam mattress and plywood base and best of all a picture of Jesus who will gaze at you benignly as you get blown. There are no showers no towels and generally speaking this is a very basic experience that I would not particularly recommend unless of course you have no other options available.

Typically on Blow Road you will enter the bar, buy yourself a drink and start talking to a girl whom you like. The negotiations are normally short and many guys don’t even buy the girl a drink before paying the bar fine and the girl accompanying them to their hotel room. The bar fines are normally around the 800 piso mark.

The Blow Road bars are very much what you see is what you get. Okay it is sleazy and dirty but at the same time it is in its own way more honest and upfront than the more commercialized Fields Avenue bars. There are no smoke and mirror approach here it is back to basics and the emphasis is on cheap but instant sexual gratification. By definition these girls learn how to reduce sex to quick no frills business transaction which means the GFE is even rarer than in the fully fledged Go-Go bars.

If you are into instant sexual gratification for a budget price then these are the bars for you. Blow Road bars tend to open early and a lot of their business is conducted during the day by guys just wanting to get a load off quickly and then going on with their business. Also it is important to realize that many of the girls learn how to do Blow Jobs from the Baklas (lady boys) many of whom tend to congregate on the left hand side of the street (heading down from Fields to the Wild Orchid).

A. Santos Street, The Blow Road story

Chapter 14: The bars categorized

All the bars are to some extent different and to some extent the same, as such I have drawn up a few lose categories of different types of bars to give the new comers a better idea what to expect when bar hopping in Angeles. These categories are very general and are by no means the definitive word when categorizing the bars of Angeles however they not pretend to be and my aim is merely to help give Angeles newbies a better idea of what to expect when they decide to go bar hopping in what has to be one of the worlds best red light districts.

Basically I believe there are five different types of bars.

1: Blow Road bars. Back to basics approach open air bars with a smaller amount of girls who specialize in oral sex. The prices are also less. Blow road bars have no air conditioning, no real music system, no dance stage, a smaller number of girls, a less extensively stocked wet bar, cheaper prices, more experienced hardened girls.

2: The Perimeter road bars. These bars normally have less women and the girls working here are more GFE inclined. Generally speaking the Perimeter Road bars have a more relaxed ambience, the girls are older the prices are cheaper, the majority of business is done in the afternoon, the bars have less girls than the big Fields Avenue bars.

3: Small to medium sized Upper Fields and Fields Avenue bars. These bars mostly employ anywhere from 20 to 50 girls. They will often open earlier than the bigger commercial bars and will make a significant percentage of their revenue during the daytime. There are less girls here and the bars are less commercialized. Generally there is more communication between the girls and the customers, there is a definite emphasis on bar fines, they normally will not have shows and there is normally just one bar fine price and the prices are just a little bit cheaper.

4: The big Fields Avenue bars. These bars are commercialized they will feature a large number of girls, a high tech sound system and light show, special dance groups, tiered bar fine system, single and double ladies drinks and the girls will expect bigger tips. The big bars are not for people who prefer a more laid back inexpensive experience but they are definitely for the tourists and the party people. When a big bar “goes off” there is nothing like it.

5: The Asian bars. These bars are bars that primarily cater for the Asian Market the majority of which is composed of the Korean Market. These bars will often feature less contact between customers and girls with the point and select method being predominant. There will nearly always be shows and tiered bar fine system.

The bigger bars in Fields Avenue are certainly more commercial than other bars but that also has as many advantages as it does disadvantages. There is definitely more girls in the bigger commercial bars and the party atmosphere is more prevalent.

Many bars are owned by the same owner and are part of a group. There are three major groups in Fields and these are the Dollhouse group with a total of 7 bars La Pasha group with a total of 5 bars and the Champagne group with 3 bars.

To be honest there is no such thing as the best bar because the definition of a best bar will vary from individual to individual. As a bar hopper you will find certain bars you are comfortable in for whatever reason and tehse will become your favorites. You will also find bars where you have more luck with the women and this will also act as a criteria for basing your favoritism on. Always remember the thrill of the chase does matter nearly as much as the conquest and this one major reason why there are so many bars in Angeles and part of the scene is going bar hopping.

The Bars Categorized

Chapter 15: Safety tips

Angeles is just like any other place in the world there certainly is crime and some of it is violent. However in my opinion to stay safe it is simply a matter of exercising common sense, being in control and following simple safety procedures.

Here are some basic guidelines which should help ensure your safety when in Angeles.

1: Do not flash valuables do not engage in ostentatious showing off behavior flashing your money around. Remember you are in a third world country where people already see you as a walking ATM machine and will often scheme ways to make a withdrawal.

2: Do not tempt temptation. Wear basic jewelry not expensive showy items.

3: Do not carry your valuables around with you. Keep your valuables such as drivers license credit cards and leave this in a hotel safe. I normally find it best to budget night by night and tend to take seven thousand piso with me each night. This will normally be enough to buy whatever you want during the night and if you get robbed or pick pocketed you have not lost to much.

4: Avoid getting obnoxiously drunk. If drunk and wanting a fight there will be no shortage of people willing to oblige you and it will never be a fair one on one fight. You will always be outnumbered. Secondly getting drunk decreases your awareness of your surroundings and as such will make you an easier target.

5: Do not talk to or get stopped by the lady boys. They are expert pick pockets. Just walk on by with your hands near your wallet.
6: Keep your wallet in your front pocket preferably in deep pockets. If possible try to get a button or a zip on your pockets. When sorting your money in your wallet make sure to separate the big bills from the smaller ones.

7: When traveling in jeepneys watch out for the slasher gangs who will use a razor blade to cut your pockets and steal your wallet.

8: Do not under any circumstances accept a Filipino’s offer to play cards. These games are rigged and you cannot win.

9: When it comes to personal items such as jewelry watches bracelets necklaces cell phones or cameras there is no need for expensive items. Mid range price items will suffice and provide less of a temptation. Showing off your wealth in Angeles merely makes you a target and impresses nobody.

10: Do not engage in conversation with Filipino men unless you know them well or they have an official position or you have been introduced to them by someone you trust. Any Filipino man you do not know who tries to strike up a conversation veer on the safe side, just smile and walk on by. Do not stop and chat with him unless you know him. Many of the men who approach you are confidence scammers, do not talk to them smile and walk on.

11: There are always freelancers or street walkers along Fields Avenue. Try to avoid these many are lady boys others are under age and operating a set up operation together with the police. If a girl is freelancing there is a reason for it. If she is any good looking she will be working in the bar and if she is freelancing there is probably something wrong.

12: As a general rule stick to girls working the bar this way should something go wrong you have a recourse to fall back on in the form of the bar you got the girl out of.

13: Do not let your curiosity get the better of you stick to the beaten path and the main bars that people visit.

14: When changing money try to choose a money changer which has a door and you can enter inside. When leaving the money changer just keep a weary eye open for people watching you. Try not change large amounts of money at one time. After changing money do not walk down the strett instead get in a trike and do what you have to do with the money or eneter a bar or go back to the hotel.

15: When you are with a girl back at your hotel make sure your valuables are locked up. The vast majority of girls are honest but it is still better to play it safe lock your valuables away while getting down to business.

16: After you have finished your encounter check your wallet and room for any valuables. The best time to do this is when your girl is having a shower. Try to walk the girl out of the hotel.

17: Never hit or threaten the Filipina. You may win initially because you are physically stronger but in the long run you will lose and it will cost you money or jail time.

18: When walking around do not carry a bag. This generates curiosity and Filipinos will just be curious what you have inside.

19: Do not get into an argument with Filipino males and avoid red horse drinking sessions and avoid talking politics with Filipinos. As a general rule try to treat Filipinos with respect, this will not be easy but its definitely a good general rule to live by.

20: Avoid walking in dark places at night, stick to the beaten path and when going back to the hotel, catch a trike or call for a hotel pickup.

21: When traveling by trike always negotiate how much the charge will be prior to taking the journey. This will save you from having arguments with the trike driver. Try to be a little bit stingy when negotiating with trike drivers no need to over pay them.

22: Avoid trikes that approach you while driving along the road. Always take trikes that are at the trike terminals.

23: As a general rule try to project a happy and respectful exterior. Filipinos will judge you by how you look

Do’s and Don’ts in the Philippines

Chapter 16: Mongerer friendship and Bar Hops

If you are a newbie to Angeles it pays to do your homework first read guides such as this one second actively seek out a wingman. This wingman should be someone who has been to Angeles before and has on the ground experience. The wingman will teach you the do’s and don’ts he will have your back in a dicey situation and he will be a drinking buddy.

Do not be shy to meet other board members. These are like minded people and will often provide valuable companionship and even friendship. You will also learn from their comparable experiences.

Read the articles and various forums on the websites. There is no such thing as to much information and these are the best venues to pick up helpful hints. Do not be afraid to befriend bar managers these guys will often have seen it all before and their wisdom may save you much time and money.

Lastly plan your trip in advance, do your homework before leaving your country and feel free to ask questions on the message board. No matter how many times the questions have been asked before everyone will realize this is your first trip and will cut you some slack.

Whenever possible if there is a board organized bar hop happening always try to join in. This is a very good opportunity to visit a goup of bars with like minded guys, develop new contacts and learn the ropes just by watching and asking questions.

The advantages of being an AE member

Chapter 17: Basic Tagalog

Tagalog is supposed to be an easy language to learn and yet I know more people who can speak Thai one of the hardest than I do who speak Tagalog. The problem is that most of the Filipinos can converse in rudimentary English so there is not such a need to learn Tagalog in order to get things done. Having said that it can be a lot easier getting things done if you learn the basics of Tagalog and it has the added advantage of making you look more experienced than you actually are.

When pronouncing the vowels A,E,I,O,U these are pronounced with the sound “ma” . The U sound is pronounced oo the e sound is pronounced ay the I sound is pronounced ee the o sound remains the same as English.

Here are some of the more common phrases

oo = yes
hindi = no
walang = nothing
walang pera = No money
magandang umaga = Good Morning
magandang hapon = Good afternoon
magandang gabi = Good evening
kamusta ka = How are you?
mabuhay = Welcome
magkano = how much?
maganda = pretty
pangit = ugly pronounce pungit.

Some directional words for using when you are going somewhere
straight ahead = diretso
left = kaliwa
right = kanan
here = dito

Conversational phrases:
what is your name = ano ang pangalan mo?
how old are you? = ilang taon ka na?
water = tubig
drink = uminom
beer = beer or cervesa (spanish in origin)
hard = matigas
Sore / painful = masakit
Do you want to have sex = gusto mo mag-seks tayo?
Lets have sex = mag-seks tayo
I want to have sex here. = gusto ko mag-seks dito.
If its painful, just tell me. = kung masakit, sabihin mo lang.
Slowly. = dahan-dahan.
Faster. = Mas mabilis.
Just a bit more = konti pa.
Enough = tama na.
Like that = ganyan
Does it feel good? = Masarap ba? .
It's so good = Ang sarap

one = isang
two = dalawa
three = tatlo
four = apat
five = lima
six = anim
seven = pito
eight = walo
nine = siyam
ten = sampu
one hundred = sandaan
five hundred = limang daan
one thousand = isang libo

Come to Angeles because this is still one of the best mongering destinations in the world. In recent years it has become more unsafe, it has become more expensive and it has become more diversified catering towards a much wider market of mongerer. Yes Angeles has changed in some ways for the better and in other ways for the worse, but overall in my opinion it is still a brilliant place to come for sex tourism. Angeles revolves around an organized bar scene and within the bars there is someone for everyone. No place in the world is quite like Angeles and if you are in the mood to experience sex tourism or are looking for quick sexual encounters or even a long term relationship or future wife or just a vibrant party scene whee the sky is the limit, then Angeles is the place for you.

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