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Introduction and Forward

Welcome to the Asian Escapades Angeles City survival guide. Contained within this guide are words of wisdom, humorous anecdotes, sagely advise, penetrating insights, calculated opinions, and the basic information needed to make your stay in Angeles a happy and meaningful experience.

  To call this a survival guide is in some ways misleading and should perhaps more accurately be named a positivist’s view of Angeles City and how to make the best of your time here.. Anybody can survive in Angeles but it is hoped by reading this guide people will be able to steer clear of any trouble and maximize their enjoyment of the AC experience.

This guide will be contributed to by a number of individual writers who together have literally had a lifetimes experience in the Philippines. Much of the advice and opinions offered here represent the individual author thoughts and have been garnered through many years of living in or visiting the Philippines. A lot of research has gone into the compilation of this book and as such it incorporates information gathered from a great many people and a number of diverse sources. The advice and opinions offered here do not pretend to be the definitive word for life in the Philippines but rather they form a sort of general guideline that over the years has worked for the authors and hopefully will work for others as well.

No body of writing that expresses an authors opinions can be totally free of bias or at the very minimum a slanted viewpoint. Such is the case here and the prevailing viewpoint in this guide will be that of the single male tourist whose primary objective when travelling to Angeles or other areas of the Philippines is to meet Filipina women. Much of the information contained within this guide will be information that this target market will find useful however there will also be large amounts of generalized information that just about anybody visiting the Philippines would find helpful.

To some extent this guide will be a continual work in progress as it gets updated and added to in response to the ever changing evolution of Angeles city. This guide has no aspirations of being the definitive word when it comes to providing helpful information but rather it aspires to being a comprehensive easy to read package which when read may well help the “newbie” traveler avoid the pitfalls of travelling to the Philippines.


By definition this guide must refer to actual people but wherever possible we have changed the names and dates and been less than specific in detail.  It is our intention to provide useful information for travelers to the Philippines but not at the expense of others and any reference by name to a real person is purely coincidental.

 So with all humility intended it’s on with the guide, which we hope all readers will enjoy and benefit from. At the end of the day if even one person is helped by the information in this guide then it has served its purpose.

Regards and happy reading mjibbo.

Mission statement:

Here at Asian Escapades it is our mission to provide members with a comprehensive overview of life in Angeles city and the Philippines as a whole. If there’s anything you need to know about Angeles city specifically or general information regarding life in the Philippines then chances are you will find it in Asian Escapades. From over 100 thousand pictures of bars and the girls through to hotel reviews, bar reviews, trip reports, regular columns, an interactive message board, an interactive map and basic information for goods and services, it’s all here in one exciting site. 

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