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1: Asian Escapades serves as a comprehensive guide to Angeles City and the Philippines as a whole. Anything you want to know about the Philippines and in particular Angeles City, chances are Asian Escapades will be able to help you.

2: The primary focus of Asian Escapades is on presenting Filipinas. We tell you where you can meet Philippine ladies and how to interact with them. Primarily our site deals with the bar scene in Angles and it includes general discussion topics in relation to the bars, literally thousands of photographs, and basic information on girls from all around the Philippines. If you are looking for female companionship specifically Philippine ladies, then look no further than Asian Escapades.

3: Although our site deals primarily with Philippine ladies we also go way beyond that offering information on hotels, restaurants, travel arrangements, shopping, notification and coverage of special events, individual members trip reports, basic information for goods and services, a list of members currently in the Philippines, an interactive map, a new comers survival guide and a whole lot more. Asian Escapades is the most comprehensive site dealing with the Philippines available today.

4: The main segment of Asian Escapades is the interactive message board. This is a lively message board where an entire range of subjects are discussed from what are the best bars with the best girls through to what is the best restaurant or the best hotel. There is also a large amount of constructive advice given by long term visitors and expatriates of the Philippines. The interactive message board is the central hub of Asian Escapades and an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to learn about the Philippines.

5: Asian Escapades employs several Philippine experts who regularly submit articles. These articles cover a wide range of subjects from bar etiquette and communicating with Philippine ladies through to cultural aspects of Philippine society, and life in provincial Philippines.

6: One major advantage of Asian Escapades is that it offers you the chance to meet with like minded people and develop new friendships. This is mainly done through the message board with the interchange of ideas and opinions. There is also a large component of friendly banter and satirical articles designed to amuse all members.

7: At the end of the day for 99% of members the Philippines is a foreign country which can have its traps and pitfalls. The information contained within Asian Escapades can help new visitors avoid some of the problem areas, ensuring a safe and fun filled trip.

8: In some ways Asian Escapades acts like a fraternity or a brotherhood of like minded people and many members have stated how meeting up with fellow members gives them a sense of purpose and security. Many members trips to the Philippines have been made more enjoyable through interaction with fellow members and there is always a feeling of safety as one member learns from the experiences of another.

9: There is a recognized disease amongst many visitors to the Philippines which is named PPD or Post Philippine Depression. Asian Escapades helps you get your daily fix of the Philippines and is the recognized cure for PPD. As our motto says “with Asian Escapades you can be in the Philippines even when you’re not.”

10: Last but by no means least being a member of Asian Escapades can save you money. Numerous establishments offer a discount to Asian Escapades members and fellow members will always be available to help you when it comes to sourcing the best deal. Most members pay for their memberships solely with the money saved on their discounted hotels bill.

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